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Posted: 09/02/2004 07:49:19

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Member since 01/01/2004
Posted 09/02/2004 07:49:19
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Richard Pretl
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Member since 07/12/2004
Posted 09/03/2004 10:36:22
I love Rentalbot. Not only does it compile listings from many other vacation rentals sites, thus serving as a comprehensive "super" rental site, but the management tools are just what I had been wishing for. I use several different computers at home and work, and never seemed to have the files I needed on hand to respond to an inquiry promptly. Now with this web based system, all of my records are accessible from any computer, no matter where I am. And the graphs and charts are way cool!
Gary Niebur
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Member since 07/27/2004
Posted 09/19/2004 21:57:04
RentalBot is a great site. I am very impressed with the quality and many features of RentalBot, in particular, the great rental management tools that the site provides. Keep up the good work, market the site to vacation property owners and they will use it !
Deb Kleber
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Member since 10/25/2004
Posted 11/30/2004 05:51:02
Hi, all -

A couple of emails have been going around about property mgmt software so I
thought I'd share my thoughts.

I recently did some research on this and ended up with four packages on my
shortlist: RentalAvenue, RentOneOnline, Rentalbot and another one that I
can't remember but which was more hotel oriented. (Sorry, I'm at the rental
now doing some winter cleanup and don't have my notes with me.) I was
willing to pay up to $300-500 per year.

What were my requirements? Since I use Quicken to manage my rental
finances, I was looking for the following functionality:

1. manage inquiries: full contact info, dates of interest, price quoted,
which source (eg, vrbo), etc
2. manage reservations: same as above, plus an auto update of my
availability calendar
3. manage payments: a top priority for me was for the software to send me
an email when final payment was due (eg, 60 days before checkin) so that I
could nudge my guests
4. some guest-related financial reports. Since my "real" expenses reports
are in Quicken, I only need bookings-related reports such as avg rate per
day, overall revenues, % occupancy, inquiries per source, bookings per
sources and best conversion rate (eg, which sources yield the most bookings
per inquiry), etc.
5. simple contact management. that is, an easy way to email all guests
and/or inquirers
6. internet based, links to
7. MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR: reliability of software and quality of support

After an initial review of features/prices for my 4 top contenders, I
decided to try a free trial with both RentOneOnline and Rentalbot, beginning
by inputting this past year's data.

I ran into a small bug in each product within the first hour or so. I
emailed each company, explaining that I was trialing their product and
asking for clarification on the bug. One week later, I had to re-email
RentOneOnline (having heard nothing) and they responded with an apology for
not acknowledging my first message and gave me a bug tracking number. That
was a month ago. Still nothing more from them. When I emailed Rentalbot
with my bug, they responded within hours with... a FIX. I was impressed.
After spending time on their Forum, I could see that this was the norm.
(Check it out. Rentalbot has an online forum where you post bugs and/or
enhancements so you can see what other users are experiencing. No other
rental mgmt product seems gutsy enough to do that. For Rentalbot, it allows
them to highlight their stellar service.) From my experience, if you have a
problem with Rentalbot they fix it almost immediately... and if you have a
good enhancement they seem to do the same thing... they'll put the
enhancement in asap. I worked in software development for years and know
how important, and how difficult, this is. I've personally had 3 or 4 minor
enhancements put into the Rentalbot software within the last month.

Hands-down winner for me? Rentalbot.

Added benefit: very, very easy to use... especially inputting inquiries and
"one button" conversion of those into confirmed reservations.

Good service is priceless. And $5 per month? Amazing. (Rentalbot is
$59/yr. Given my original budget, that leaves me enough $$ left over to buy
one nice pillow. :)

If you are looking for rental management software, I suggest that you begin
by making a list of your "must have" and "nice to have" features. (That
will keep you from being distracted by long, impressive-looking product
feature lists that are, in actuality, not important to you and may only
complicate your life.) Then I recommend that you look at
And if they don't have a feature that you "must have", just let them know.
They might add it before you finish inputting your historical data. Worked
for me.

Hope this helps someone. Feel free to email me for more info, as desired.

DISCLAIMER: Your mileage may vary. I have no affiliation with Rentalbot
other than as an obviously satisfied client.

Best wishes for a Successful 2005 to each and all,
Albert Rios
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Member since 11/06/2005
Posted 07/05/2006 14:26:43
We use RENTALBOT to manage our Vacation/Corporate rentals in Puerto Rico, (Villas de Costa Mar). It provides us a quick and easy look at the calendar from anywhere. We both hold a 9 to 5 and are able to review our calendars from our prresent jobs very quickly. I review the statistics and do my marketing accordingly. We are new to the vacation rental business and have listed our properties on every listing site we have found. With Rentalbot we are able to look and see exactly were our inquires are coming from and where our bookings come from also. This will be a cost saver next year when our listings expire, we will know which ones really work and which ones we should not reinvest in.

This feature alone is a big cost saver for we will be able to invest in those sites that have we have gotten results from. Plus it afords us the ability to manage everything from one site while providing us the ability to download the information into Excel to keep for our records.

I think Mike and his team have done a great job in putting this online managemnt system into place. It can use a few improvements but all in all a great product.

Warm regards,

Al Rios
Owner Operator
Fabio A. Mir Sr.
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Member since 05/09/2005
Posted 07/11/2006 11:39:56
Rentalbot is just a great way for me to centralize all activities related to my vacation rental. My outside site uses the calendar code so I do not have to double enter dates into two calendars. The reservation template automatically breaks down the amount into 2 payment 50% each and lists 3 expenses for state, local taxes as well as the cleaning fee. It's a handy place to keep all the contact information and the confirmation email template has all my checkin/checkout instructions as well as a list with links of things to do in the area. All they have to do it print it out and take it with them.

Fabio Mir

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